Relaxing Weekend

Today was my off day, and the weather was not to be desired in Madison, so I decided to drive a little ways north. I went to the town of Baraboo for a spring art fair festival. There was a lot to look at it but I did not see anything I could not live without. I did have some delicious BBQ for lunch though. After lunch I headed down the road to Devil’s Lake State Park. Growing up in the country surrounded by nature has always made me appreciate being back in it and the state park is a beautiful place to soak it all in. It was so much fun to relax in my hammock along the waters edge. Hammocking is one of my favorite relaxation activities and I find I spend a lot of time in me ENO DoubleNest. I often fall asleep and nap in mine and I plan on trying to actually camp out in it sometime soon. I have a couple of meets coming up in Tucson, Idaho and Iowa, stay tuned for how those go!

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