San Diego, CA Trip 2018

Man that sunshine and green grass was amazing! I just got back from San Diego, California where I competed in my second and third meets of the year. My first competition was at the Elite Athlete Training Center, Formerly known as the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center. The city of Chula Vista bought it from the Olympic committee over a year ago and some things have changed, but luckily a lot has stayed the same. I have included a video with this post that shows what this facility is like. They have dorms for athletes to stay in when they visit for training, and is home to year round resident athletes as well. There is a cafeteria, weight room, entertainment facility, as well as many training areas on site. Some sports that work out there are track and field, rowing, rugby, BMX Biking, archery and other camps come in from time to time. I have been competing at this meet for the last seven years so it is always nice to get back and see everyone. My second meet of the trip took place the next day at UC San Diego. They are known for catching a great wind for the discus throw. Their discus facility looks out onto the ocean where a great breeze comes across the cliff. My distances were not quite what I was wanting, but my consistency was definitely better than it has been in the past so I am happy about that. After my second competition I went to La Jolla Cove and got a bit to eat with a fellow thrower. She and I made it down to the beach and it was so amazing to just soak up the sun and sand. While I love the year round temperature consistency of San Diego, I enjoy the seasons here in the Midwest. We are finally starting to get good weather here in Madison so I look forward to our own start of spring here. I hope you enjoy the video of my time in California!

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