Ironwood Throws Meet

My latest competition took place in Coeur D’Alane, Idaho. It may not sound like the most picturesque of locals but it was incredibly beautiful there. I flew into Spokane Washington and was able to reach my hotel in about a forty-minute drive. There are several large lakes in the area that help make this a gorgeous destination. It is also still considered part of the Pacific Northwest and it has those beautiful trees and mountains covered in a lush green color. This meet is hosted by the Ironwood Throws Club, and is awesome like the Tucson meet in that it is throws events only. I came in third in the competition and I was not incredibly thrilled with that but I feel that I am learning after each meet, which is awesome. I decided to take a red-eye flight back to Madison the day after my competition so I would be able to stay for the athletes BBQ and get to explore the town a bit, since I was unable to last year. The downtown was lots of fun with cute little shops, I even bought some soap from a local store. I went on a roughly three-mile hike long the biggest lake in the area and it was breathtaking, I will post several photos form my walk. My red-eye flight was a bit rough but it was nice to have a full day ahead of me when I got back. Now I have a little bit of time off from competing to focus on training and transition into my internship for graduate school. My next meet will be at the USATF Outdoor Championships in Des Moines Iowa. I compete on Thursday June 21st at 2pm.

I look forward to writing to you after it!

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