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Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post, but things have been absolutely crazy for me this summer! I have been taking summer classes and been getting more involved with my internship as part of my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have taken some time off training in order to focus on school and sort of regroup with throwing. My latest adventure took place this weekend in my hometown of Carlinville, IL. My husband, younger brother and I hosted a throws camp for middle and highschoolers spread over two days. We worked with roughly forty kids from all over the area, some even coming from two hours away! It was a hot two days but we had plenty of hydration and we had a lot of fun working with everybody. We are hoping to have more camps in the future, most likely starting next summer. Stay tuned for developing information.

I have a couple more days at home and will be enjoying family time, especially with my twin niece and nephew. They turn three next week, I can remember when they had just turned one and were watching me compete in the Rio games in their special little USA outfits.

Next weekend I will be heading a little further north for a nice lake weekend with my in-laws. I have about two weeks off from school between my summer and fall semesters and then its back to the races for both training and school!

I will check in again soon, stay tuned for new photos and videos!

Kelsey Card


2 thoughts on “Camp Wrap-Up

  1. Clark Mefford says:

    Kelsey: I grew up in Carlinville. I have enjoyed following your achievements. We live in Ottumwa Iowa where my wife, a retired elementary teacher, had Kevin Lewis for two years. Kevin is a runner now associated with USA-Minneapolis. He was in Des Moines a few weeks ago with you. I hope you meet him someday..hopefully at the next summer Olympics. Good luck. I’ll always have Cavalier blood in me?

  2. Sue Hendrickson says:

    Thank you for the update. Love hearing about your throw camps and inspiring the next generation. Enjoy your time with your family and in-laws. ?

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