Card’s Corner #9

April 06, 2016

Hey Badger Fans!

I think I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a stark temperature contrast as I did coming back from our spring break training in San Diego; it was hard for me to step off the plane in Chicago. We were blessed all week with the glorious weather San Diego is known for.

Even though the throws group practiced predominantly at UCSD, our meet was actually at San Diego State University. I have competed at many places but SDSU’s track has to be one of the most unique. The entire four hundred meter track, as well as all the field events, sit on top of a parking structure. Yes, I said a parking structure. It may seem scary, but it was really only one level above ground because most of the garage was below ground level. There was not much shade on top so many of the teams were camped below in the garage while others braved up top with an umbrella. We had some wonderful performances all across the board from both the women’s and men’s side. I am really excited for our teams because it is only March and track and field really comes to life in late May and June.

On one of the practice days we were fortunate enough to get to train at the Olympic Training Center located in Chula Vista. It is a little bit of a drive from the city; it is so far south that the Mexican city of Tijuana is visible from the Training Center campus. The center is host to sports other than track and field, like rowing and sand volleyball, but it is clear that track holds a dominating presence at the facility. I have been to the training center before, but it is always fun and it was cool to see the reactions of my teammates that had never been before. We were also super lucky this time and got to meet Multiple World and Olympic medalist sprinter, Alyson Felix. Even though I am not a runner, it was still so exciting to see such a huge icon of track and field. Because it is an Olympic year, the training center is definitely bursting at capacity.

The whole team is off this weekend but will be back in action next weekend with a competition in Athens, Georgia. I am not only excited to get back to warmer weather, but I also get to see my older sister and my 8 month old twin niece and nephew. She only lives an hour and a half away from Athens and is driving up to watch me for the weekend. Although we are focused during meet and practice times and always put that first, traveling is nice because we get opportunity to see friends and family that we might not otherwise get to.

Have a great week Badger Fans!


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