Card’s Corner #10

April 16, 2016

Hey Badgers!

I have to say, I was getting rather down about the weather here in Madison but today and the forecast for this weekend have brightened me right up! We are coming off of a great weekend in Athens, Georgia. It was fairly warm but really windy both days. I spoke to some of our javelin throwers about their competition and the wind was something they mentioned as being a big factor in their performances. Wind can affect each event differently. However, it can generally be really helpful or rather harmful. I would say that it can affect javelin the most out of all the throws because it is the lightest weighted event.  Even with the wind we were able to see some personal bests in a wide array of events at the meet. We were also able to get some delicious barbeque and enjoy all of the greenery and flowers that are already blooming in the South.

We are heading into an off weekend, which I am really looking forward to. With the weather being so nice tomorrow, one of the distance girls put together an idea for a picnic so it will be nice to relax with the team outside of training.  This part of the year is always hard when it comes to schoolwork. The end is nearly visible, but its also midterm time and it is such a struggle to study when the weather is so nice outside. In general, the track team is always fairly high up in the team GPA rankings. This is achieved through great dedication to school work by everyone on our team. It is hard to keep this up when we travel, but without fail, other guests at the hotels we stay at can see team members dotted throughout the building working on homework. Just this last weekend a decently large group of us sat on the deck/porch by the pool to study.

Awards are given for academic accomplishments and a great many of them are going to be handed out next week at our annual Buckinghams Award Show. In addition to awards, athletes that want to get to show off their talents outside of sports. These acts range from singing and music playing to an awesome glow in the dark dance act by the volleyball team last year. I love this event partly because of what it recognizes, but also because it is so much fun to see everyone all gussied up and all together in one place.

After this weekend off, the team will be sort of splitting up to travel to different meets all across the country next weekend. Our distance squad is traveling to Stanford, the sprints group is going to Arkansas, and the throws and multis crew is headed to San Diego. I am excited to head back to San Diego as it is one of my favorite cities we travel to. This time we will be competing at the University of California San Diego and not at San Diego State, so a little change of scenery will be nice.

Have a great weekend and week Badger Fans!

Kelsey Card

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